4x8 lumber

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4x8 lumber

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products.The following data is standard reference and size data for commercially available lumber within the USA. All data is in imperial units Inches. Dimension lumber can be purchased as dry or green. Individual pieces of lumber exhibit a wide range in quality and appearance with respect to knots, slope of grain, shakes and other natural characteristics.

Therefore, they vary considerably in strength, utility and value. The move to set national standards for lumber in the United States began with publication of the American Lumber Standard inwhich set specifications for lumber dimensions, grade, and moisture content; it also developed inspection and accreditation programs.

These standards have changed over the years to meet the changing needs of manufacturers and distributors, with the goal of keeping lumber competitive with other construction products. Design values for most species and grades of visually graded structural products are determined in accordance with ASTM standards, which consider the effect of strength reducing characteristics, load duration, safety and other influencing factors.

A summary of the six published design values??? Canada has grading rules that maintain a standard among mills manufacturing similar woods to assure customers of uniform quality. Grades standardize the quality of lumber at different levels and are based on moisture content, size and manufacture at the time of grading, shipping and unloading by the buyer.

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Attempts to maintain lumber quality over time have been challenged by historical changes in the timber resources of the United States??? Resulting declines in lumber quality have been of concern to both the lumber industry and consumers and have caused increased use of alternative construction products. Machine stress-rated and machine-evaluated lumber is readily available for end-uses where high strength is critical, such as truss rafters, laminating stock, I-beams and web joints.

Machine grading measures a characteristic such as stiffness or density that correlates with the structural properties of interest, such as bending strength. The result is a more precise understanding of the strength of each piece of lumber than is possible with visually graded lumber, which allows designers to use full-design strength and avoid overbuilding. Membership Register Login. Copyright Notice. Mechanical Tolerance Variations of Lumber: Per. Actual Size.Our buying power and depth of inventory ensures your project will stay on budget and on time.

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4x8 lumber

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4x8 lumber

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Unfinished Wood. Height - Top to Bottom Less than 5 Inches. Above 50 Inches. Material Wood. Width 4. Length Less Than 6 ft. Retailer Walmart. Supply the Home. ProMax Commerce. Finish Black. Special Offers Reduced Price.Cedar Lumber Length: Required Choose Options 8" 8 inches 9" 9 inches 10" 10 inches 11" 11 inches 12" 12 inches 13" 1' 1" 14" 1' 2" 15" 1' 3" 16" 1' 4" 17" 1' 5" 18" 1' 6" 19" 1' 7" 20" 1' 8" 21" 1' 9" 22" 1' 10" 23" 1' 11" 24" 2' 0" 25" 2' 1" 26" 2' 2" 27" 2' 3" 28" 2' 4" 29" 2' 5" 30" 2' 6" 31" 2' 7" 32" 2' 8" 33" 2' 9" 34" 2' 10" 35" 2' 11" 36" 3' 0" 37" 3' 1" 38" 3' 2" 39" 3' 3" 40" 3' 4" 41" 3' 5" 42" 3' 6" 43" 3' 7" 44" 3' 8" 45" 3' 9" 46" 3' 10" 47" 3' 11" 48" 4' 0" 49" 4' 1" 50" 4' 2" 51" 4' 3" 52" 4' 4" 53" 4' 5" 54" 4' 6" 55" 4' 7" 56" 4' 8" 57" 4' 9" 58" 4' 10" 59" 4' 11" 60" 5' 0" 61" 5' 1" 62" 5' 2" 63" 5' 3" 64" 5' 4" 65" 5' 5" 66" 5' 6" 67" 5' 7" 68" 5' 8" 69" 5' 9" 70" 5' 10" 71" 5' 11" 72" 6' 0" 73" 6' 1" 74" 6' 2" 75" 6' 3" 76" 6' 4" 77" 6' 5" 78" 6' 6" 79" 6' 7" 80" 6' 8" 81" 6' 9" 82" 6' 10" 83" 6' 11" 84" 7' 0".

Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Description Description. Cedar timbers have unique natural colors, grains, tight knots and textures. The Corbel is finished with the option you selected and Customers Also Viewed. Our cedar mantels begin as Rough mill cut timbers that are squared up to ensure a true squared timber. The Rough finish is a rustic type furry finish that may have some splitting in larger timbers We use an internal joining system, as All of our Cedar Brackets are built to last, joined Wooden Rafter Tails are an excellent addition to the exterior of a home and also are used in large commercial projects to add architectural interest and detail.

These handcrafted pieces also lookFinding the number of sheets of plywood needed for a floor, wall, ceiling, or cabinet begins with finding the area that needs to be covered.

Area can be found by multiplying the length and width of the space in feet. Find the square footage of each space and add together to find the total square footage needed.

Wood Beam 4x8

Divide by the total square footage by the square footage of a sheet of plywood to find the number of sheets required to cover the space. For example, if the area to be covered in plywood is ft 2 then 25 sheets of plywood will be needed to cover it.

Plywood is actually composed of several layers of wood glued together. Plywood is commonly composed of 3 or 5 layers. Oriented strand board OSB is composed of wood strands or flakes compressed with glue. OSB commonly used in framing to sheath roofs, floors, and walls. Medium density fiberboard MDF is composed of small wood fibers compressed with glue.

The smaller fibers offer neat edges and a smooth surface. MDF is commonly used in cabinetry. Particle Board is composed of small wood particles compressed with glue. Particle board is often used for floor sheathing, shelving, and furniture. Block board is a panel composed of boards glued edge to edge and then sandwiched between sheets of veneer.

It is very strong and rigid and is often used in furniture. The thickness needed will depend on the purpose and use-case. Thicker panels are more rigid and durable but are also heavier and more expensive.

Keep in mind that the actual thickness of plywood is often slightly thinner than the nominal thickness, learn more about the actual thickness of plywood. In most cases this will not be an issue, but it is important to keep in mind for projects that require more precision such as fine carpentry. Our calculators can simplify your woodworking project layout and estimation. Add and subtract feet, inches, fractions, centimeters, and millimeters with ease.

Get results in imperial and metric measurements. Get hassle-free estimates from local trim carpentry professionals and find out how much your project will cost. Get Free Estimates. Calculate the size of a cabinet door based on the opening and generate a cut list of parts, including rail, stile, and panel dimensions.

You are here. Plywood Estimate:. Add this calculator to your site. Multi-ply Plywood is actually composed of several layers of wood glued together. Particle Board Particle Board is composed of small wood particles compressed with glue. Block Board Block board is a panel composed of boards glued edge to edge and then sandwiched between sheets of veneer.

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4x8 lumber

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4x8 lumber