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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You and your friends are going away for the weekend with your friend's youth group to go skiing! But tension between you and one of your friends rises. Will you be able to have a good time without your frenemy spoiling it? Your generic Field Trip trope, but slightly different because it's Ned centric and hopefully everyone stays in character.

Also, Peter is absolutely everywhere they go but they never quite manage to actually see him. Or realize its him They did see Spiderman though, so that's nice.

field trip to stark industries

When Peter's Teacher announces that his Graduating Class's Senior Trip is going to be to Stark Industries, the place where Peter has an internship, and where he spends so much of his free time, he is No one believes his Internship is real and frankly, he just doesn't want to deal with it, but between May and Mr. Stark, he doesn't really think he's going to get much of a choice. He's going to have to go At least Ned is excited about it. And hey, he has a month till the actual day, maybe he'll fall into a pit or get carried away by a stork-themed villain or fall into a Coma or something before the dreaded Field Trip.

All Nini wanted was a peaceful and educational experience at the- what was it called again- Weber River. Ricky Bowen? Not so much. The one where, during a Field Trip, Ricky and Nini end up having to share a room together. For two whole weeks. In a cabin in the middle of a forest. In which E. J loses his shirt purposelyNatalie loses her emotional support hamster again and Mr Mazzara loses his mind. Yuuri arrives back in Shin Makoku to find that his drunken night with Wolfram before he left, had left Wolfram pregnant.

Murata finds it funny and he and the Shinou, who has found a way to have a solid body so he could be with Murata, cooked up a plan. Gwendal finally proposed to Gunter while Yozak and Conrard are still unsure about their relationship. Greta and Beatrice have become rather close. The Bearbee's have returned for the castle along with Pochie the dragon for a visit. It's quite the celebration since Nicola and Hube have an announcement as well and the fact that Yuuri's school classmates might accidentally be brought along with Yuuri's entire family get pulled to the Great Demon Kingdom with him.

What's going to happen to everyone? Flash has the feeling that Peter is hiding something Maybe if Flash can figure out what it is that Peter is hiding, Flash will finally be able to expose Peter once and for all. McMuffin ilikefood Yo is this the real deal?

Peter Parker has never had much luck, and that's without Tony Stark interfering to make things worse. He's grateful for everything Mr Stark has done It was just some burnt toast! Mr Stark didn't need to go that hard on the revenge. Peter ends up on a field trip to the Avengers Compound with his class and hopes that no-one gets involved.

Peter clenched his fist against the desk, resisting the urge to shake his head at the small print; Secretary of Education, Maria Rosendale, maintains the nation-wide Open For All initiative for the enhancement of students and progressive learning by taking the classroom to the companies.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Please take a permission slip at the door, and get it signed by tomorrow. I started writing this fanfic awhile ago, to be clear, but this amazing fanfic came out while I was writing this one!

While I did start to write my fanfic before this one came out, the story did help me find inspiration to finish it. Peter heard the last school bell ring, and all the students, including him and Ned, eagerly lifted their belongings into their hands. Their teacher, Mr. Herium a lot of kids called him Mr. Heliumshouted over the commotion of the now free teenagers.

He did not take joy in that fact like a certain Ned Leeds. When Peter moved into Avengers Tower, him and the rest of the team decided to not announce this. Tony had wanted to, but Peter had practically begged the billionaire not to on account of the fact that Flash would call him a liar.

Try to hide something, anything, from two super-spies, two super-soldiers, and two geniuses who, together, can hack any brain, human or mechanical. As he grabbed the permission slip, he shoved it under everything in his backpack. Oh wait, you were lying about the internship. Peter said nothing and instead opted to walk away with his head low. Ned followed, he was staying over with Peter for dinner. Steve was making spaghetti. Peter practically dragged Ned towards his room.

A lot of the furniture was located on the ceiling; his bed, a desk, even his dresser was stuck to the ceiling. His bed was adorned with a comforter made of permanent webbing Peter had created in the lab. There was even a little nook in the corner of the ceiling for Peter to do his homework.

Of course, there was furniture on the floor for when Ned slept over. Usually, when Ned did spend the night, he took the floor and Peter took the ceiling. Peter looked over and grinned at Ned. Steve Rogers pasta was legendary. They eagerly followed Steve into the kitchen where plates and silverware were already set on the table.

Ned and Peter took their places at the table, squished in between Tony and Bruce. Natasha sat across the table from Peter, and Steve would sit across from Ned.

Of course, Clint was perched on top of the back of the chair next to Natasha. Steve placed the pot of spaghetti in the middle of the table and sat down in his designated spot. Peter was the first to take the spoon and scoop a big helping onto his plate.Harriston Said, "Tomorrow we have a field trip! He could finally get off his feet for a bit, chill, get out of school.

Where would they be going? Unfortunately, his questions were answered.

Her face was horrified. We all know you're lying about that stupid internship. He shuffled out of the room with Ned on his heels, babbling on and on about how amazing the field trip was going to be. You should love a field trip to that place. After all, you're an intern there," he said.

Peter shrugged and opened his locker, dumping his Math books and bringing out his English ones. You're finally seeing the bright side of the world," Ned Said. Peter chuckled and parted ways with Ned and MJ as he headed off to English. Peter slowly ascended up in the grand glass Stark elevator. Ever since May had died a few months ago, this was his home now. Tony Stark has officially adopted him when she had been hit by a drunk driver. She was killed instantly. The only thing good about it is it was painless.

Peter climbed out at the st floor and made his way to his room. He plopped down at his desk and finished up his chemistry homework.

avengers fanfiction peter intern field trip

Even though Peter was in the most advanced chemistry class that his school had to offer, he still found himself bored at times. Happy scribbled down his name and handed the form back to Peter. He but into laughter along with Tony. Peter chuckled a bit too as he stuck the form in his binder. Peter skidded into first period a second before the bell rang.

He handed in the form, thankful he had gotten Happy to sign it because Mr. Harriston was inspecting the forms very carefully. Once they were all deemed satisfactory the students of Midtown High loaded into the old school buses and were on their way to Avengers Tower.

Peter ignored him and continued talking to Ned.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Peter Stark, more commonly known as Peter Parker, just missed out on the secret Academic Decathlon field trip because he had miscounted his days absent from school.

Well at least he gets to stay home for the day right? What happens next is purely coincidence, but really Peter should have expected this to happen.

Our class has been selected to tour…. Stark industries! He now lives with Bucky, who is like a brother, and Tony Stark, who is also now like a brother. He goes to Midtown High and has friends. No-one outside his small family knows of his true self, so what happens when Peter's class goes to Stark Industries on a field trip? After the near-end of the universe, Stark Tower reopens to tour groups.

Midtown is invited to be the first. Includes: fluff, mostly fluff let's be real.

avengers fanfiction peter intern field trip

Peter and Morgan bonding because I love them. Peter successfully goes on a field trip, accidentally catches the school bleachers, survives a bus explosion, and reveals his identity as Spider-Man. Peter's class takes a field trip You guys know what happens. Penny's class is on a field trip to her home. Meanwhile, Morgan is sick, and neither Pepper nor Tony can take care of her.

Looks like Penny has one more thing to worry about. Peter has to deal with embarrassing parents, a high school bully, and his disaster of an extended family. Peter Parker gets a permission slip. To go to his house. He isn't too worried, until All of the avengers come.This has been pretty highly requested and Mod Liz loves this trope so she is here to deliver!!

The Absolute Worst by alfing. Please let this be a normal field trip aka Peter Goes to Stark Industries by permink. This is the worst timeline by Hittinmiss. The Internship by inkinmyheartandonthepage. Peter Parker and the Field Trip by xImpala My Name? Peter Stark by Yousaydoctorisaywho. Last tour ever by Rlybro. Those are just some of my favorites but you can find a ton more here!! Michelle Jones had finally arrived home after a twenty-minute train ride.

The ride had been a long one for her and not because she was bored out of her mind or that she had no one to draw. Plenty of people were in crisis. Ned was out, that could have been a part of it. She would never say that out loud But still that must not have been the reason, and then it hit Mj…. Mj quickly grabbed a few of the sides and one of the main courses from the stove top and headed to the table. Once everyone was finished. The four created small talk, mainly to avoid getting up and starting clean up.

Then it came to her… how had she forgotten? She quickly unzipped it and searched through her science binder. Mj walked back into the kitchen and handed it to her mother. Jones looked over it like fine pick comb and read ever line and ever little detail. She signed at the bottom and then continued to read the paper that was stapled to the back of it and her face lit up with excitement.

avengers fanfiction peter intern field trip

Keep reading. Harrington greeted the two and the two more or less signed in. Jones, you can take your car if you wish and Michelle can ride with you. As Michelle was walking back, Ned and his mother pulled in.As the summary said, I am a sucker for this trope and just really wanted to put my own two cents in.

Spider Man 2002 School Field Trip

I just really wanted to see how I would write this concept and thought it might be fun to post because why. I am also apparently not creative enough to come up with my own story or concept, so I wound up doing something that has already been done times already. I have never read the comics and have no idea if teachers have ever been named and what kind of classmate's besides the obvious comic-book Peter had.

And so, all names I use for those characters are made up. An inconspicuous black car began to pull up to the curb a block away from Midtown School of Science and Technology. With it being the beginning of a new school week, the students that walked by along the sidewalk were more sluggish in their pace than normal. Rather than pay attention to an average looking car on the road, they were more focused on not stumbling due to their grogginess. Those same students continued to pay no attention to the vehicle as it finally came to a stop and Peter Parker was all too thankful for that.

Once the foot-way was briefly cleared, Peter hurriedly grabbed his backpack and opened the rear door of the car. He shuffled out, tossed out a quick, "Thanks Happy," to the man in the driver's seat, and firmly closed the door before hopping up the curb and joining the mass of students. Peter eventually slung his backpack over a shoulder and even jogged a few steps ahead, hoping to put a bit more distance between him and the car.

It may have been a very simple thing to be worried about, but Peter was always embarrassed at the thought of someone spotting him getting out of the back of the vehicle. Teenagers usually sat up front where it made them feel older, yet Peter still sat in the back.

He was technically being chauffeured around so it made sense for the young adult to be there, but he always felt uncomfortable being pampered in such a way. The older man was far from being Peter's personal chauffeur, and thus did not treat him like some pampered brat, but Tony Stark always insisted that Happy be the one to help Peter commute to school. The young hero was not completely sure why Mr. Stark always insisted, but Peter made sure that he regularly thanked both men whenever he was being taken back and forth between the Avengers Tower and his school.

Peter was at least thankful that Happy did not take him every day — he only drove Peter back and forth at Tony's insisting. If Peter happened to be going to and from home, then Peter gladly took the bus or subway. And as usual, Happy's impeccable driving had Peter arriving to school on time with a few minutes to spare before the first bell rang. Arriving at the front gate, Peter stepped onto the school grounds with a sigh of relief at beating the bell. When he eventually made his way in and reached his locker, the teen was met by his best friend Edward "Ned" Leeds.

They greeted each other with one of their many nerd handshakes and easily ignored a few snickers from some girls nearby. Peter finally opened his locker and began picking out which textbooks he would be needing for the day.

Though I did learn a new trick from the web," Peter said with a cheesy grin as he tossed a look to the other teen. The two of them loved to talk about Peter and his secret identity but knowing that they were in a building full of teenagers who loved nothing more than to eavesdrop on anything within earshot, the two friends had been quick to start talking in code.

It was not much a 'secret' code, but it still worked. Whenever they fell into such conversations, they always talked about the internet or the 'web' as they called it even if saying such a term was outdated. It was a play on words and the two nerds loved using it even though Aunt May and Mr. Stark had both rolled their eyes the day they each learned about the phrase. With that, Peter stuffed the last book into this backpack, slammed his locker shut, and the two headed for their first class just as the warning bell rang.

Due to his senior status and because he was a student at one of the more technological schools in the New York area, Peter had a bit of a different schedule than other high schoolers. With Midtown having a more scientific focus to their studies, Peter and his fellow seniors were able to have a full class schedule dedicated to their field of study for the whole year.

Granted, it only took up the second half of each school day, but it was quite the jump start to begin learning their field of study.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Public Bookmark. Civil War happened but instead of a fight at the airport, Steve listened to Tony.

They're happy now and that's ok. Life had been too good to be true so something must mess with his now currently perfect existence. Field Trip to Stark Industries would be fine on its own, Peter had always wanted a tour, but of course they had to be visiting the Intern Floor His Floor.

Two and half years have passed since Peter Parker donned the Spider-man suit and made a name for himself.

A lot has happened to him and the other Avengers in that time and as the middle of Peter's senior school year arrives, Midtown High School gets a surprise invitation for their senior students to take a tour of Stark Industries. Yes, this is the classic "field trip to S. I just want to hop on the bandwagon because why not. Sue me.

avengers fanfiction peter intern field trip

Please don't actually do that. Actually, that fact was not at all fun, but it was true.

Peter parker fanfictions please

Peter Parker had no idea how people like Flash were capable of being giant jerks all of the time. It was like the concept of basic human decency was completely foreign to them, even if it was a universal thing. To provide some context to this, it all started when it was announced they were going on a field trip. Between juggling his avenging and senior year, Peter is exhausted, but he has his family behind him.

When his class gets invited to tour Stark Tower, Peter isn't thrilled and spends all week dreading it. Throw in a mission here and a couple of gods there and Peter Parker is having one hell of a week. Will he manage to stay sane until its over? Peter had faced death countless times. Stark in fighting the Rogue Avengers, fought Toomes and his gang, and stopped countless robberies and muggings. He was used to feeling fear - it came with the job description.

But that fear came nowhere close to the pure terror he felt at the prospect of having a meet and greet session with actual-freaking-Captain-America. Set post-Spider-man Homecoming, but pre-Infinity War because who needs to worry about that stuff, lmao. Because yay, happy endings! Peters class chose that their annual field trip be taken at none other than Stark Industries. More chapters will be added eventually - some may connect loosely while others may not connect at all.

They can all be read individually, but what's the fun in that? But I will state in the author's note of when there will be no more chapters! I feel like there's not much more I can add here and it's plenty of words for a decent read. I hope you enjoy ed this work :. Peter Parker has never been one to fight his own battles, when he's not in the suit.

Tony helps him out.

Avengers fanfiction peter intern field trip